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Jun. 19th, 2008

....so huh. I completely forgot about this thing. I'm sorry. Not like I would have been able to do much about updating since my computer decided to die a fiery and horrible death. No, I wasn't trying to turn it into an AWESOME super-computer, what the hell are you guys talking about?  I've been too busy running the shop to really have time to make a new one so I finally caved in and just bought one instead.

I've been thinking of returning to school. I made myself a couple little robot friends who have sped up production a lot so now I actually have time to have a life. Boy. I never thought I would ever hear myself say this, but I'm actually glad to not be having so much work. I've missed school. And I've missed you guys. Alot.


What's been new with everyone?

(( l--lol. I feel so out of touch. But I finally managed an entry! 8[;;;; I dunno what I'm going to do with all my other characters though. Can't think of many excuses for them, and for most the muses really have just died. Can someone give me the general scoop of what's going on now? ))
Well it's been a while since I've bothered with this. Been a while since I've bothered with school too, and just getting out. I'd like to apologize to everyone. Things have just been really hectic at home with Granny getting ready to leave, and me making preparations to take on the shop myself. I've been thinking of doing some remodeling. There is certainly room to expand, and maybe I can open it up as just a general clinic and not just automail. I mean..I can't let all that mom and dad taught me go to waste, right?

Seems I've missed a lot in my absence, particularly with many places around town opening up and...uh...people apparently changing genders? I was left out it seems...but I've already been a boy so, either way it really wouldn't have mattered to me.

Gran is leaving after my birthday. Other than that, not much else to report.

If anyone would be interested in working for me, drop me a note.
Being tiny isn't all that bad once you get use to it... Ryo and Michel have been so very nice to me, though really I've just been spending most of my time in bed. Maybe fatigue is just a side effect of all of this, I hope it wears off soon.

Private, hackable.Collapse )
...well this sucks.

But then I suppose it could be worse. I could be the size of an ant...or a building. Or I could have changed in school or the middle of the street of football field but I was in bed doing my homework. At least I still have my human shape. Besides my time as a kitten as made me use to being small, just not...this small....ugh.

I guess I shouldn't have expected to get free forever, seems I've been missed a lot of times in the recent chaotic events that have happened

(( Winry is the new Thumbelina xD Please be careful of squishing her ))

Feb. 10th, 2008

....random, but amusing. Definitely amusing.

Not much new. Probably gonna take that new History of Magic class...just to. Give it a chance. Still highly skeptical about the magic deal. But that's why I'm taking it; to try and understand it better.

Feb. 3rd, 2008

Well it's been an interesting past week but things seemed to have calmed down a bit...thank goodness.

The big sphere of doom is gone, people are calming down, but things still feel a little strange. I'm not quite sure what it is. I guess it's just due to some of the things that happened during all this. Best not let it get to me though.

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....uh. Wow.

So there are quite a number of people going nude.

Balthier is being even more trigger-happy than usual.

A ton of people are breaking out into arguments and being brutally honest.

Larsa...uh. Lost it. O_o Along with several other people



Well it was quiet for too long. I suppose it was too much to expect it to stay that way.


Ok...I learned my lesson.


Sorry for uh...attacking you Vaan e_e

And thank you for taking care of me Ryo...I promise I'm not usually that...well. Stupid ;;;

I'm going back to the toilet now x_____x

(( lol. I just bothered with this to test out my new mood theme set 8D all winry now ))


Jan. 7th, 2008

Granny's been talking about leaving me the shop o__o

I..didn't think that would happen for a really long time. I guess by coming here though my apprenticeship as been fast-forwarded....not so sure if that's such a good thing now.

I dunno. I mean, taking on the shop would be a big leap for me and it is a little intimidating but what I guess I'm more insecure about is the fact that I do, Gran will move back to Rizenbul to return to her shop. At the same time I'm glad I've improved enough for her to think I can manage on my own.

...life has seemed to be moving so quickly, recently, and it's been bothering me because when I look to the future I honestly don't know where I'll be. I'm pretty sure I want to finish my years at the highschool, but then what? Will I go onto the University? If so what would I study, is it really necessary? I'm already living the profession I want yet there is so much more to learn.

If I don't, how about that? Will I stay here and continue my business or return to Amestris? Since I had depended on Granny sticking around for a while longer I always figured I would. Honestly though I don't really feel any ties to Amestris, just some of the people there. Namely Ed and Al but they are here now.

It's all rather frustrating...